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Consider being a Team Rep or Co-Rep for your Student Athlete's Team!

What is a Team Rep? 

The Team Representative acts as the primary liaison between the Athletic Booster Club, the Head Coach and the team parents and makes a huge difference in the success of our programs! 


·         Attend each monthly Booster Club Meeting as the Representative of their specific team.  If unable to attend, assign a substitute to attend on their behalf. 


·         Be open to providing input at the Booster Club Meetings on behalf of the team or parent.


·         Obtain a roster with emails from the Head Coach or designee at the start of the season to develop a team email list which will be used to share Booster Club related information.  This email list should be kept regularly updated.


·         Inform the Booster Club Email/Communications Coordinator of any changes to the primary email list.


·         Communicate any pertinent information from monthly Booster Club meetings by email to team parents including upcoming fundraisers, events, etc… (This does not include a full recap of the entire meeting – minutes will be available on the Booster Club web page.)


·         Team Reps are responsible for collecting donations from team parents for team donation for Spring Fundraiser.


·         Concessions:

o   Communicate concession schedule and dates team is responsible for covering.

o   Coordinate volunteers for team concession dates.  If unable to find enough volunteers to cover event, team rep must do the following:

§  Contact Concession Coordinator to determine other teams who may be available to cover jointly

§  Work with Concession Coordinator to contact other team reps for full coverage

o   Team Rep acts in the capacity of lead concession volunteer or designates another volunteer to do so during the team concession time.


·         Team Reps are encouraged to recruit a co-Team Rep from a younger team to assist and learn the position as a potential succession plan.


·         Team Reps must be able to communicate the mission of the Booster Club and encourage participation and volunteerism in support of their team.

If this is something you are interested in doing or you have talked to the Head Coach about being the Team Rep for this season, 

please contact Pam Graf at 414-852-5010 or [email protected]

Team Representative Role and Responsibilities