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Attendance Office
Attendance Office Hours:   6:45 am - 3:15pm

Phone:   414 - 281 - 6200 press 1
(voice mail active all other times - call within 24 hrs. of absence to avoid truancy)


The Board of Education requires all students enrolled in the schools of this District to attend school regularly in accordance with the laws of the State. Regular attendance is a responsibility that should be shared by parents, students and the school. The "School Attendance Officer" (Superintendent or designee) of each school shall determine daily which students enrolled in the school are absent from school and whether that absence is excused, unexcused or truant.

Attendance Policies

Excused Absences

Each excused absence shall be explained by telephone at the high school on the day of the absence.  Notes are not acceptable.

The excuse shall be submitted to the Attendance Office and maintained in the student's school record.  A child may not be excused for more than ten days in a school year under current Wisconsin State Statutes.

The following are considered excused absences:

1. Personal illness. Medical verification may be required.
2. Family emergencies or crises.
3. Attendance at a funeral.
4. Religious holidays or religious instruction.
5. Medical and legal appointments. Verification of appointments may be required.
6. Severe inclement weather when District schools are not officially closed.
7. Attendance at special events of educational value, approved by the Principal or designee.
8. Family vacations, not to exceed a 10 day total (please note that the Extended Pull-out Notification Form is required and is available from the Attendance Office).
9. Home and In-School suspensions are excused absences, per Policy 5200

Unexcused Absences

Absences that exceed the number of days permitted by State Statutes, despite parent approval, are unexcused absences and will be pursued as truancy.  An exception to this rule is a documented major medical excuse.

The following are examples of unexcused absences:

1.  Working 
2.  Job Hunting 
3.  Babysitting 
4.  Car Trouble 
5.  Missed the bus 
6.  Oversleeping 
7.  Running late 
8.  Homework 
9.  Traffic

Make Up Opportunities

A student must make up course work missed during an absence.

  1. Students will be given the opportunity to make up work missed due to approved absences.
  2. Individual consideration may be given to those students whose parents provide advance notice for unexcused absences due to family trips, etc. 
  3. Although credit will not be given for class work missed during truant absences, students have the responsibility to understand, retain for future reference and use all materials presented in class during their absence. Students who are truant during an examination will not receive credit for that examination.
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Truant Absences

  1. Truant absence is any absence of part or all of one or more days from school during which the School Attendance Officer, Principal or Teacher has not been notified of the legal cause of such absence by the parent or guardian of the absent student, and also means intermittent attendance carried on for the purpose of defeating the intent of Wisconsin State Statutes. 
  2. "Habitual Truant" means a student who is absent from school without an acceptable excuse for part or all of five or more days on which school is held during a school semester under Wisconsin State Statutes

Homework Requests

To the extent possible, homework that can be completed at home will be made available to the parents of the absent/suspended student within 24 to 48 hours of the absence/suspension. The suspending Administrator will notify parent(s) when and where the work will be available for pick-up. Parents requesting homework for excused absences may do so by contacting the Guidance Department. Because students may have as many as 7 different teachers, homework may not be available for those students absent 1 or 2 days or suspended home for 1 or 2 days. It shall be the student's responsibility to turn in all completed work to their teachers on the day that they return to school. Upon returning to school, the student will have a maximum of 5 school days to make up any quizzes or tests missed during the time of absence/suspension. Students either absent or suspended will be given full credit for all homework, quizzes and tests, provided that the timelines contained in this Administrative Procedure are met.

City Ordinance on Truancy

The City of Greenfield hereby prohibits any student within its jurisdiction from being a habitual truant. The City of Greenfield Police Department is authorized to issue a citation to any such student found within its jurisdiction who is determined to be habitually truant. Any citation issued shall be returnable in the Municipal Court of the City of Greenfield. The citation shall state on its face that there is a "mandatory court appearance" and no forfeiture amount is to be written on the citation.

Student Responsibility

Students are required to attend all their scheduled classes and study halls unless they have obtained parental permission and/or a pass approved by the building principal or designee. Students designated unexcused or truant must present the admit slip to each of his/her teachers.

Parent Responsibility

A parent or guardian is to call the high school attendance office (281-6200 press: 1) on the day of absence. Office hours are 6:45 a.m. - 3:15 p.m. and voice mail is active all other times. Parents who have not called on the day of the absence only have 24 hours to clear up the absence.

Pre-Arranged Absence

Families should carefully evaluate the desirability of absenting students from school for vacation. As per Section 118.15 WI. State Statutes, students are permitted 10 excused absences per year. An absence form must be obtained by the student from the attendance office. This form should be completed one week in advance. Students will not be excused unless their class work is satisfactory.

Early Dismissal / In School Illness

After reporting in the morning, students are not to leave the school unless they have received an early dismissal pass. Students who leave school without permission from the attendance office will be considered truant and an appropriate consequence will be given. In the event that you become ill at school, report to class first for a pass to the nurse's office.  All students must "sign out" in the attendance office before leaving the building for any reason.

Participation in School Activities when Absent

Students are not permitted to participate in after school or evening activities on the day of absence unless the teacher and assistant principal approve the participation after consultation with the parent concerning the circumstances.

Age of Majority

Even though a student is 18 years old, the student must follow all attendance and early dismissal procedures. An 18 year old student may phone in their own absence (provided parents have given permission to the school) as long as the absences do not become excessive.


1. Students reporting tardy should go directly to the PAC area after entering by the main lobby doors. The student will receive appropriate consequences if the tardiness persists.

2. If a student already in school reports to 1st hour class tardy, they will be directed by the teacher to report to the PAC area for that hour.

3. If a student misses 20 minutes or more of a class period, that class period is considered a truant period.

4. All tardies that occur during the remainder of the school day will be handled by the classroom teacher.

5. Parents will receive an automated phone call from the school anytime a student is truant for any part of the school day.