Philosophy of Education

We believe the educational environment should be provided in which a student experiences in his/her daily living the basic tenets of democracy; an environment that makes him/her aware of his/her rights and responsibilities and the rights and responsibilities of others as well. We believe that each child should be afforded the opportunity to develop his/her physical, intellectual, emotional, and social capabilities to the fullest extent.

The experiences we provide should be so diversified and directed that each youth learns to adjust, within the influential environment of the school, to the world community of which he/she is a part. Teaching is providing guidance and direction by recognizing the child as an individual, accepting him/her on his/her own merits, encouraging him/her with praise and understanding, and inspiring him/her with our ideals and our example. Individual interests, talents, and problems should be provided for through sequences of desirable experiences provided by the school as a laboratory.

Our educational system must create an atmosphere which does not indoctrinate one, but one in which the student is prepared to form independent hypotheses after realistic analyses. We believe youth, through our educational system, should be exposed to experiences and pressures, practical and philosophical, that he/she will face in life. These experiences should not be narrow and provincial but should be such that the individual will realize he/she is not merely a citizen of his/her community and nation but really a citizen of the world.

We believe our youth can be guided to select vocational pursuits best adapted to their specific abilities and interests to further enable them to earn an adequate livelihood in later life. Each child should receive guidance in establishing realistic goals and objectives for him/herself.

Greenfield High School History
Greenfield High School, built in 1957, is located in 1 of 3 school districts within the City of Greenfield (Whitnall, West Allis-West Milwaukee). Through the generosity of the citizens of Greenfield a new high school was built.  It opened it's door in 2008 and students are enjoying the wonderful new learning atmosphere.

We are a 4 year public high school accredited by North Central Accrediting Association (NCA) running on a 50 minute, 7 period, 2 semester schedule. Our highly qualified staff of 77 teachers, 3 guidance counselors, 4 administrators, 1 school psychologist, and 43 support personnel staff are dedicated to our approximately 1200 students' futures; many of whom have earned Master's Degrees or higher. GHS is a member of the WIAA and Woodland Athletic Conference and offers students 10 boys sports and 9 girls sports to participate in. GHS offers organizations including National Honor Society, FBLA, and National Art Honor Society as well as approximately 10 clubs including the Environmental Club, VAC, Rocket Club, and Math Club.