Board of Education Policy 5460

It shall be the policy of the School Board to acknowledge each student's successful completion of the instructional program appropriate to the achievement of District goals and objectives as well as personal proficiency by the awarding of a diploma at fitting graduation ceremonies.

The Board directs the Superintendent of Schools to prepare a list of specific criteria for granting a high school diploma which includes the student's academic performance, the recommendations of teachers, the statutory credit requirements, and any additional Board-approved credit requirements.

The Board shall award a regular high school diploma to every student enrolled in this District who meets the requirements of graduation established by this Board as provided by State law.

The principal of the high school shall prepare a report describing the District's policies on high school graduation standards, including a list of courses required under State law and the number of hours in each school term required to earn one (1) credit for those courses. Additionally, any change to the District's policies shall also be reported to the Department of Public Instruction or other appropriate agency after it has been approved by the Board and signed by the Board president, the Superintendent of Schools, and the principal. A student may be denied participation in graduation activities for not meeting academic standards, disciplinary reasons, and/or non-payment of fees/obligations.

Requirements - Administrative Guideline 5460