After School Protocol

This is a reminder to all Parents and Students:

  • Students, you are asked to leave the building shortly after the sounding of the dismissal bell unless you have prearranged to meet with your teacher regarding an academic issue.
  • All athletes remaining after school are to report to your respective locker rooms in preparation for your practice or competition.
  • Those other students involved in an afterschool club are to immediately report to the location of the club gathering. 
  • Please remind your parents to arrange for your pickup immediately after school and you should wait in the foyer of the Main Lobby for your ride.  Students are also asked to keep their talking levels down in the foyer as the adjacent Main Office is a place of business and students who are excessively boisterous or engaged in disruptive behaviors will be asked to leave the building. 
  • Students should leave the building every day at 3:00 unless they are here for a supervised activity.  We don’t have staff to supervise after school and it creates an unsafe environment if students are in the building without adult supervision. 

Thank you for your cooperation