GHS Students will be pulled on Feb.6th ,7th, & 8th to receive registration materials and instruction. 

The Registration Student Portal will be open Feb. 5th - Feb 22nd.  Please talk to your teachers regarding questions of course sequence, pre-requisites, and offer your recommendations for next year.  Course Selections must be done on a computer, not via a cell phone.

Reminder again that YOUTH OPTIONS Deadline is Wednesday, March 1st.  The Y.O. application is in Student Services.

Students are responsible for entering their own course numbers, if they need access to a computer-please go to the Student Services Office.

The deadline for registering for next year’s classes is Thursday, February 22nd . Course selections are to be entered via the internet on a computer, not via a cell phone.  If you do not have internet access at home, please use the computer lab or the computers in the Student Services Department to enter your course selections. Print a copy of your course selections and return it with your colored course selection sheet to the Student Services Department.

Please don’t wait!

Enter you selections and return your forms as soon as possible. Course Selections must be done on a computer, not via a cell phone. If you do not enter your courses, your counselor will select your classes for you!